Mama, it’s time to drop diets and pick back up your life

We help busy moms create a simple and peaceful wellness journey without the chaos of on and off again dieting

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Hey Mama we see you. Maybe you’re tired of feeling...
  • Resentful you can’t even remember the last time you had enough time or energy to workout or “eat right.” Why is your health always last on the list?
  • Uncomfortable in your body, avoiding girls nights, wearing the swimsuit or getting into the pictures with your kids
  • Devastated by what the scale says, hoping tomorrow it says you’ve lost enough to eat dessert
  • Anxious if you take your eye off the rules for a second all your hard work will be lost
  • Confused, wondering how in the heck you’re supposed to find health without going on another diet and trying to lose weight

"Since joining the membership, I have been moving consistently & I have found regular movement has been a GAME CHANGER for my mental health and the way I feel in my body with goals of feeling stronger instead of smaller. My loved ones are also noticing and it feels so good!"

— Current Member

Maybe you’ve already realized diets don’t work but you’re not sure what to do instead. Imagine a life if you could finally:

  • Add in simple healthy changes that don’t require a babysitter
  • Felt so good in your mom bod so that you pick back up the parts of life you had put on hold waiting to lose the weight
  • Let your body lead the conversation instead of the scale
  • Saying yes to the things you were putting on hold until you achieved a “perfect” body, like that long overdue girls night
  • Turn to two Registered Dietitians to give you support and guidance, along with a community of other moms
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The Mama Well can help

Turning away from diets, counting calories and meal plans can be scary. You don’t have to do it alone.

The Mama Well is the community where busy moms come to catch their breath, fill up their cup and find a simple and peaceful path to health without jumping on and off a new diet or plan every few weeks.

When you join the Mama Well, you will finally have a place to learn how to be healthy while also being the amazing mama you are. Plus, you’ll learn alongside and connect with other mamas who GET IT and can relate to how hard it is so you aren’t alone on this journey.

You won’t have to worry about counting or tracking anything. You will be living a life where you enjoy the guac on the beach without worrying about whether or not you should get in the ocean, be in the picture, or take that vacation!

Inside the Mama Well community, we learn how to make the WELL framework work in your life.

Be well at the mama well.

Be Well

start adding in simple daily changes you can make while raising a family


feel empowered and strong in your mom bod


discover how to listen to your body even with the chaos of dieting


live a life free from counting calories and finally start living the life you were putting on hold

The Mama Well

where mamas come together to drop diets and pick up their life

Daily affirmation texts: to encourage you on the good & bad days.

Monthly WELL challenges: get guidance & support on what to work through, so you don't feel overwhelmed and can lean on your community of moms.

Monthly Happy Hour Coaching Call: bring your favorite beverage, share your wins & struggles and get laser coaching from Brooke & Alyssa on topics like body image, nutrition, & exercise.

Monthly Coffee & Question Call: drop your questions in the membership or bring them live for Brooke & Alyssa to answer. Don't forget your coffee!

Pop up member only giveaways: we reward you with fun prizes just for showing up and doing the work! Who doesn't love free stuff?

Quarterly workshops & guest experts: This is perfect for the busy mama who wants to listen & learn at your own pace on your own schedule. Topics include stopping guilt & shame around food, listening to hunger & fullness cues, how to handle changes in weight, how to improve body image, and adding in gentle nutrition & joyful movement to a busy schedule.


$67/monthminimum 3 months

(this is recommended for you if you have worked with a dietitian in the past and is needing help sustaining the habits you have built)

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$670/yearpayment plan available

(this is recommended for you if you are new to ditching diets and need the tools to start making peace with food and your body)

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I'm new in the membership, but I know I made the right choice in joining this community. My toddler asked for some of my food & she ended up eating vegetables & enjoying them. I chose to sit down and have a healthy lunch and because of that, she tried something new. It drove home the main reason I chose to join: I need to be comfortable eating in a way that I want them to mimic.

— Current Member

Hey there, a little about us...

Hi we’re Brooke and Alyssa Miller, not related just redundant. We’re two Registered Dietitians mamas who realized there is hardly any support for moms who wanted to prioritize their health without trying to keep up with the chaos that fad diets and tracking demands.

After years of being Registered Dietitians and struggling to heal our own relationship with food & bodies, we knew we wanted to help mamas just like you put into practice the steps that helped us find a full and healthy life.

We wanted a peaceful place for you to come, fill up your cup & heal your mind, body & soul at the well. We can’t wait to cheer you on in this journey!

Frequently asked questions

I’m a busy mom. How much time do I need to put into the membership to see results?

We recommend spending 30 minutes per week inside the community. However, we completely understand busy mom life & that there are some weeks that things come up completely out of our control and you may miss a week. Pick a day & time that typically works best for you & mark your calendar. The calls are all recorded, so if you miss a call, you can always catch a replay.

Will my investment pay off?

We also care where our hard earned money goes and understand your investment needs to pay off. We surveyed our current members and 100% said they would recommend a friend. They also said they feel the value of the membership is higher than the current price. This membership is a much more affordable way to get support from two Registered Dietitians without the high cost of 1:1 coaching.

Is the monthly or annual membership right for me?

If you have worked with a Registered Dietitian in the past and feel you are in the maintenance phase of intuitive eating, the monthly option is a great place to start. If you are new to intuitive eating and haven’t worked 1:1 with a Registered Dietitian, we highly encourage you to sign up for the annual membership. This journey is not a quick fix and you will be amazed at your results if you give it a full year. You and your children deserve this.

Your best life is waiting for you!What are you waiting for?