Our top 3 favorite intuitive eating mantras

Even though mantras made me feel a little silly at first I have since realized how POWERFUL they can be. Mantras can be used in any way that feels good to you. For us we like to repeat them daily as affirmations or in the midst of a hard body image day. We might be feeling weary in our intuitive eating journey and these mantas come in clutch. We hope they help you and give you something tangible to hold on to and to practice when you need them.

The first mantra that helps when we feel like we want to go on a diet again… “Diets don’t work, my body does” This is really powerful because it realigns us with the truth that diets don’t work and that we can trust our body. We like to use this one any time people are sharing about their new diets and how excited they are to start it.

Another mantra that is really helpful is “I am enough and idealistic body expectations are unrealistic” This one is so powerful to use during bad body image days. So helpful to put this one on a sticky note and maybe on the mirror or wherever we tend to get triggered into thinking our bodies aren’t enough.

The final mantra we will share here is one that helps set our perspective in a 10,000 foot view. Here it is: “I am worthy of taking up space in this world, I cannot actively pursue a larger life while actively trying everything I can to make myself smaller. I choose a larger life” This one is SUCH a helpful reminder to get our head on straight and keep the important things the important things.

We hope you take one or all of these mantras and make them work for you, using them in ways that support your intuitive eating journey and make you feel good in your body. Please make sure to listen to the podcast episode by clicking here to learn 3 MORE of our favorite mantras and a little bit about how to make up your own!

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